Client Rights & Responsibilities

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Responsibilities of Rural Nursing Services

  • Review the provision of services at each occasion of service with the participant
  • Once agreed, provide services that meet the participant’s needs at the participant’s preferred times
  • Communicate openly and honestly in a timely manner
  • Treat the participant and advocates with courtesy and respect
  • Consult the participant on decisions about how treatment is provided
  • Give the participant information about managing any complaints or disagreements and details of our cancellation policy
  • Listen to the participant’s feedback and resolve problems quickly
  • Give the participant a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if the provider has to change a scheduled appointment to provide therapy services
  • Give the participant the required notice if the provider needs to end a Service Agreement
  • Protect the participant’s privacy and confidential information
  • Provide support in a manner consistent with all relevant laws and rules, and the Australian Consumer Law
  • Keep accurate records on the supports provided to the participant
  • Issue regular invoices and statements of the therapy services delivered to the participant

Responsibilities of the participant/participant’s representative

  • Inform Rural Nursing Services about how they wish the services to be delivered to meet the participant’s needs
  • Treat Rural Nursing Services with courtesy and respect
  • Talk to Rural Nursing Services if the participant has any concerns about the support services being provided
  • Give Rural Nursing Services a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if the participant cannot make a scheduled appointment
  • Provide a safe work environment, smoke free, free from intimidation, harassment and abuse, for Rural Nursing Services staff.
  • Ensure all your equipment used by Rural Nursing services staff is in good working order.